NUMA Sprint Accelerator is going to San Francisco

    Short version:

    Dear San Francisco, we are coming to visit. See you soon.

    Long version:

    One of the more adventurous aspects of the NUMA Sprint Accelerator program is a tour of San Francisco. Occurring late in the program it’s both an ideal time for scouting the US market as well as taking meetings to prepare for a fundraising round. Plus, it’s San Francisco.

    The trip is a week long immersion in the Bay Area culture. For many of the startups, it’s the first trip into what is still the innovation hub of the world. And of course, energy levels are high, which it timely given the countown of just one month left until demo day.

    The NUMA team have run the tour for their startups for 3 times now, and are constantly building upon their relationships in the region. Highlights this time around include a French tech soiree to host our local contacts, deep-dive sessions with companies like Stripe, the usual investor meet’n’greets for dealflow and pre-hustle, and a session with the ubiquitous and prolific Robert Scoble.

    A Corilla let loose in the Bay Area

    For Corilla, the trip has a few advantages. Over the last few weeks we’ve pitched a slight change of direction in our corporate partnerships, which has proven popular with our publishing community. Especially the established publishing houses struggling to adjust to the digital experience. Booking in our meetings on both the tech and publishing hubs on the west and east coasts respectively is perfectly timed.

    Likewise, on a more personal level, I’m pleased to get the chance to catch up with our remote developer community. While we’re in a closed-beta for reasons I’ve written about before, we have a strong open source contributor community with representation in the bay area. Let alone the incredibly passionate and welcoming documentation community (remembering Corilla is a “for us by us” versus “some new startup trying to exploit a demographic”). Plus of course I’m always happy to catch up with the Aussie mafia.

    The schedule will be live

    The week’s schedule is subject to a few changes, so I would suggest that it’s better to follow along live. I’ll be live tweeting of course, using the #numainsf hashtag. I’ll also be filming andd writing dailys posts, so make sure you keep track on the blog as well.

    And of course, drop me a line on email or our team or personal twitter! If you’re in the area and want to catch up, just drop me a line. And stay tuned.

    David Ryan

    David Ryan

    Managing Director and cofounder of Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. An alumnus of the NUMA accelerator and Red Hat.

    Paris and London and San Francisco