Here comes the NUMA Sprint Accelerator Demo Day

    Here it comes. Whatever the incubator, accelerator or bootcamp program, the Demo Day is the peak event of the startup experience. Depending on the flavour of the organisation, this can range wildly in purpose. For some programs this is the handover from accelerator to investors, while for others it can be a legitimate demonstration of the project or product. Think of Y Combinator and the Paris Founders Event as two outlier examples.

    Now it’s our turn. Corilla and the other NUMA Sprint Accelerator cohort for season seven will assemble like Voltron at the beautiful Salle Gaveau on the 29th of October here in Paris, France. Which is an awesome sentence to write for a founder of a project that began in a small room in an Australian city as an urge to solve my own problems with how utterly broken the technical writing workflow is. So little did I know that so many others agreed, and that such a community has built around us to not only hit our first targets here at NUMA, but to extend an entire ecosystem from here on out.

    But yeah, Demo Day. That came fast. If you want to come along, jump on the Eventbrite page and grab a ticket while they are available.

    The story so far…

    For Corilla, this is a fantastic ipportunity to illustrate our journey so far, with a touch of community education. I’ve written before about why I picked NUMA for the project. I’ve also described NUMA as a community accelerator versus pure startup accelerator in the American sense, and how this fits open source aims pretty well. Despite, of course, Corilla being not only the first international startup at NUMA, but the first open source startup accepted into the program. Those are a few threads to weave into a cohesive business.

    …and the vision ahead

    All of which will wrap up neatly in an excellent night of celebration at a beautiful venue. If there’s one thing that NUMA does really well, it’s engage and encourage the ecosystem. At time of writing, there’s over 500 registered attendees for the night. No doubt including some new faces that weren’t with us during the energetic kick-off at the beautiful La Gaîté lyrique.

    I’ll give some deeper explanation of what an actual Demo Day is like in a future post for Inside The Accelerator. But for now, we’ve got some prep to do. We’ve got three minutes of stage time, with a focus on showcasing our trajectory and our long term vision ahead. If you know a little bit about the project and our heritage, you will understand that we are excited to share with the startup ecosystem something that’s a little wider than the usual app or widget. And of course it’s always a privilege to bring the challenge and rewards of building an open source ecosystem to the startup community. It’s certainly the road less travelled, but we’re all the better for it.

    We hope to see some of you there. Be sure to ping us on email or Twitter if you’re coming along!

    David Ryan

    David Ryan

    Managing Director and cofounder of Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. An alumnus of the NUMA accelerator and Red Hat.

    Paris and London and San Francisco