Did you see the new Write The Docs podcast?

    First up let me duck as the technical writers in the audience point out that you can't "see" a podcast. But it's a little quicker to say that than "video recording of a Google Hangout", right?

    Either way, I was happy to see our friends over at Write The Docs have kicked off the first edition. With maybe a little bit of personal bias to hear two Australian accents. One from Carlee Potter from the awesome Campaign Monitor, and the other from Jared Morgan.

    As some of the more hardcore Corilla community will know, Jared and I worked together at Red Hat. He was actually one of the first technical writers to use PressGang CCMS, the internal startup myself and a couple of others created out of frustration with the lack of modern technical writing tools. And of course, the inspiration for Corilla.

    You might also recognise Tom Johnson, who has a truly wonderful technical writing blog called I'd Rather Be Writing. I would call it "a hub for tech writing culture" without feeling too lofty, and we can just see from the way he curates the flow of conversation at times that Tom's a born communicator.

    And then there's Chris, who pops up everywhere with guest posts and content projects - enough to make me wonder how he fits it all into his schedule.

    As a quick aside, his own podcast on the topic of "Tech Tribes and Being an Outsider Amongst Outsiders" resonated a lot with me recently. As a founder with a remote team and a lot of travel, it's easy to relate to both the isolation he describes in one extreme and the forcefulness of the rude persona in the other. It's a tough trick to juggle this lifestyle and mission, so I tend to pause when hearing stories like this to do a quick check for balance.

    In any case, go check the WTD podcast out, and remember that this is a community so drop the team a line if you dig it. Or chase them up if you're working on something awesome that the community should know about! You can find them (and me!) on the Write The Docs Slack channel.

    David Ryan

    David Ryan

    Managing Director and cofounder of Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. An alumnus of the NUMA accelerator and Red Hat.

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