Did you see our first Corilla weekly update on Facebook Live?

    Keeping with the company attitude of curiosity, we decided to try out Facebook Live. Did you see the first livestream on the Corilla Facebook page?

    Corilla's first Facebook Live update.

    As for why?

    We've been talking a bit lately about doing a weekly video update. I used to do a silly segment every week in Paris, back in our days as part of the NUMA Sprint startup accelerator.

    I've gotten a surprising amount of requests to bring it back. Which is funny for what was typically a bunch of 30 second videos on Twitter that mostly revolved around what I was buying the team for lunch that day.

    Baguettes, it seems... and wow, this was almost a year ago as I write.

    So in honour of the release of Instagram Stories... I'm finally getting involved in Facebook Live. I know, I know, but we've been flat out getting Corilla's Generally Available (GA) release ready.

    I'd love to hear what you think, and if this is a format you would like to check out each week. We do need to work out exactly when to film it though!

    As you might know, we're an Australian company with a global team (and just quietly, Corilla is currently hiring and looking forward to increasing that diversity right up until the point that I'm outvoted on "Is Vegemite the best breakfast food ever??").

    If I'm filming in Brisbane, I'm going to be a half day ahead of most of the world. If I'm filming on the east coast of the USA (where I'm currently visiting), I should be able to catch most of you.

    But at the very least, these little video streams and the resulting re-playable archive should help add some extra insights into what we're up to, where we are at, and the odd guest to drop on by (and by all means, if we're in the same city, do get in touch!).

    And for all of our wonderful content community out there, please let me know any tips or insights you have on the Facebook Live platform. Plus feel free to tweet any feedback (on any topic except Vegemite!).

    David Ryan

    David Ryan

    Managing Director and cofounder of Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. An alumnus of the NUMA accelerator and Red Hat.

    Paris and London and San Francisco http://www.corilla.com