Corilla joins the OpenShift for Startups program

    It's one thing to have access to great technology, and another thing to use it in development of your own product. Which is why I was pleased to see Corilla was invited to the Red Hat OpenShift Startup Program.

    Back when I worked as a technical writer at Red Hat, I got familiar with the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering out of personal interest. I was working on some personal apps in my free time on Heroku and heard the OpenShift team had something similar.

    It solved some of the problems I had moving between systems and the configurations within each. I just wanted to deploy fast, and it was a no-fuss way to do that. I even started writing the "OpenShift for Startups" book, inspired by what our friend Katie Miller wrote for O'Reilly, but I was already getting distracted by the bigger mission of [improving the technical writing experience](what would ultimately become Corilla. So... my apologies if that could have been helpful.

    In terms of raw resources there's not a great deal on offer - the value lies under the hood. The program is run by passion mostly, as aside from myself there were only a handful of others with startup experience. For example, the work I did engaging startups across Australian and Europe in my years while at Red Hat was often self-funded. I know others did the same.

    So the real reason we're excited to be a part of this is that it goes both ways. We give OpenShift another genuine startup using the product as it shifts into a Docker'n'Kubernetes world, and they give us some

    David Ryan

    David Ryan

    Managing Director and cofounder of Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. An alumnus of the NUMA accelerator and Red Hat.

    Paris and London and San Francisco