A solid bump to our Twitter game

    Our tweet game just got a little stronger with the fantastic crew at Twitter helping us move into our new @corilla account. Thanks team!

    When we first looked to set Corilla up with an account on Twitter, we found the namesake account was taken. It appeared to have been set up in 2009 but never used. For our early stages this wasn’t an issue, as we lean on the human and realistic side of these things. Namely that real humans have as much a right to the interwebs, and a startup shouldn’t get too carried away with their social footprint. In the early stages of any project, we should all be focusing primarily on finding problem solution fit. Plus there’s always a high potential for a project to pivot or shift its identity and overall brand while pursuing validation.

    As far as it goes, @teamcorilla was the typical compromise of an early stage startup, so don’t sweat it if you’ve got a project and your name is taken. Just think how our fellow NUMA startup buddies at Read are hustling at the moment!

    We touched on a similar topic a little while back with our experience getting our corilla.com domain name sorted. I quoted a Paul Graham essay titled “Change your name” which can be summarised as “get the dot com or find another name”.

    And so this closes the “get the Twitter handle” chapter as well. I hope you not only get a chance to follow Corilla on Twitter but take the time to get in touch and let us know what you think about the project.

    If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably got an interest in our quest to make technical writing awesome again. That means that we’re a part of the same community, and the tools we use to engage are simply ways that we love to share ideas on this amazing and very much global content community. So keep in touch – and feel free to tweet me directly on @davedri anytime as well.

    PS: Just for fun, here’s another silly mockup we did while waiting for a meeting to start. Which was better? Tweet “cursor” or “animals” and we’ll see who wore it best 😛


    David Ryan

    David Ryan

    Managing Director and cofounder of Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. An alumnus of the NUMA accelerator and Red Hat.

    Paris and London and San Francisco http://www.corilla.com